Kemp clarifies setting of Jaden Korr novel

Yesterday, Sue Rostoni indicated that Paul S. Kemp’s Jaden Korr novel (we really need a name for this thing) was set during the Great Hyperspace War, events which happen several centuries before the birth of his protagonist. On his Livejournal, Kemp explains:

I don’t want to give away major plot points, but in an effort to lessen some of the confusion, I will say this: The novel does contain a scene or scenes that take place during The Great Hyperspace War, and scenes that take place in the present, post LotF period, and the plot of the novel turns on the (I hope interesting) way that past and present intersect.

So I’m seeing something in the vein of Outbound Flight/Survivor’s Quest, if they were one book. Capiche?

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