Kemp posts a Crosscurrent teaser

Paul S. Kemp has posted a brief, rough passage from his upcoming Star Wars novel, Crosscurrent, on his Livejournal. Here’s a taste:

He sped around the planet, outpacing its spin, chasing the day, until he saw the system’s star crest the horizon line.

“Put us in geosynchronous, R-6,” he said, and the droid complied.

Head on over for a few more paragraphs. (It gets meatier.)

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  1. Hmm. Interesting. I like the style that Kemp has on display here, and I’m interested in seeing if he manages to make Jaden Korr compelling enough to carry his own story.

    Do we really know anything about this one? I seem to recall that at one point there was a rumour about it being KotOR era.

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