Poll: So we already know you want FOTJ…

The response to our Fate of the Jedi poll was pretty clear: Most of you (58%) are sure to be reading it, 24% are waiting to hear more before you decide, and only 19% have given up entirely (and/or were never big EU readers to begin with.) I’ll make a pretty pie chart after we finish our latest poll, though: Which of the other upcoming novels tickle your fancy the most? Vote below the cut or on the sidebar.

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4 Replies to “Poll: So we already know you want FOTJ…”

  1. Not a single one. How I wish it were otherwise. I might possibly flip through the KOTOR one. Maybe. I’m not the least bit interested in any of the others.

  2. Yes, none of the above. I’m just not interested any more. They’ve killed my love of EU.

  3. Me too on None of the Above.
    I stopped after NJO, and this new batch look even less interesting than ever.
    MAYBE the Fett book…. maybe.

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