Interview: Ashley Eckstein talks Her Universe at CV

James and I were able to grab a quick interview on with Ashley Eckstein at the con! It would be hard not to be impressed by the strides that the company has made in so short a time. They had a great product that was literally all over the con, from all the t-shirts that were near-ubiquitous on female attendees to the limited edition Empire Strikes Back necklace, even down to the (reusable!) shopping bags. As I said in the video, it’s something we’ve been wanting for years, and I won’t lie: I got a little choked up. I can’t wait to see what’s coming: Thank you so much, Ashley!

Celebration V roundup: Prep or be prepped!

It’s the last weekend before the con. What have you done so far?

Saturday is the last day to pre-order tickets to’s party! You want in on this, guys: In addition to being organized by CJ’s own lovely Dajuan, they’ve added a ton of celebrity guests in the last few days. You’ll want to be there!

Star Wars in the news: Ashley Eckstein talks Star Wars, Her Universe, and baseball with ESPN

Ashley Eckstein is getting some ink for Her Universe in the most unlikely of places: ESPN! I don’t doubt being married to an MLB player helps widen the field of interest, but let’s not forget we’re the only fandom with a noteworthy gender disparity. (Sports-loving ladies can see the Alyssa Milano line that Ashley mentions as an inspiration at Fandalia.)

Not the lawsuit you’re looking for… Lucasfilm has backed down from their legal threat against Wicked Lasers, which makes a (you have to admit) very lightsaber-looking laser. But elsewhere in the world, the march continues

Horrors of the audition tapes. Sylvester Stallone auditioned for Han Solo? Sounds like he didn’t get far enough for tapes, but that’s probably a good thing.

Presented without commentary. Are Jedi Knights Libertarian or Socialist?

Familiar faces at SDCC’s Her Universe panel

Ashley Eckstein will be joined by our Star Wars peeps Mary Franklin and Bonnie Burton, artists Cat Staggs and Katie Cook, writer/producer Jane Espenson (Battlestar Galactica, Buffy The Vampire Slayer,) author Melinda Snodgrass and the Syfy Channel’s Director of Development, Erika Kennair. The panel, ‘Her Universe: Shining the Spotlight on Female Fans – the Past, Present and Future of Science Fiction Through Female Eyes’ will take place Saturday evening.

Roundup: Everything Her Universe

The reaction to the the announcement of Ashley Eckstein’s upcoming Her Universe line has been overwhelmingly positive, to the shock of no one with an XX chromosome.

The line will launch with not only t-shirts, but also a sweatshirt, some long-sleeved tees, hats, and two necklaces, Eckstein said on last week’s Forcecast. “The female fans have always been there, but it’s really changed over the past decade,” she said, adding: “A lot of the top blogs and sites are now written by women.” (NO WAI.)

Former fan club president Dan Madsen is also involved – He’s been answering questions on Rebelscum’s forums. He revealed the list of conventions the Her Universe folks will be hitting up – all the majors: San Diego Comic Con, Celebration V, Chicago Comic Con, Dragon*Con and New York Comic Con.

Sizing has been a hot issue, and in a FAQ posted yesterday, Eckstein says that the first line will be avaliable in sizes XS-XXL – and they are pursuing plus size. The cost may be a bit more than folks expect, though, with t-shirts in the $30-$35 range.

Artists Katie Cook and Cat Staggs are already on board, but get your vote in on the Her Universe Facebook page.

We do exist: Ashley Eckstein launches Her Universe, a Star Wars merchandise line for female fans

The voice of Ahsoka Tano has teamed up with The Araca Group to make Star Wars stuff geared towards women. This seems to be a bit more than just a simple line of t-shirts – according to the press release, Eckstein and company have entered into a multi-year agreement with Lucas Licensing for “apparel and accessories.” Intriguing, no?

Pretty exciting – and LONG overdue. Not seeped in pink, either!

For more, stay tuned, follow HerUniverse on Twitter and Facebook, or head over to tomorrow night’s Forcecast, where Eckstein will take live calls.