Interview: Ashley Eckstein talks Her Universe at CV

James and I were able to grab a quick interview on with Ashley Eckstein at the con! It would be hard not to be impressed by the strides that the company has made in so short a time. They had a great product that was literally all over the con, from all the t-shirts that were near-ubiquitous on female attendees to the limited edition Empire Strikes Back necklace, even down to the (reusable!) shopping bags. As I said in the video, it’s something we’ve been wanting for years, and I won’t lie: I got a little choked up. I can’t wait to see what’s coming: Thank you so much, Ashley!

6 Replies to “Interview: Ashley Eckstein talks Her Universe at CV”

  1. It was really fun to see how many Jaders were wearing Her Universe gear once we weren’t in orange or black. It’s a great merchandise line and I especially appreciated the mirror at her booth!

  2. Great interview! I can’t wait for all the new merch, especially the lip gloss and purse! I hope they make the purse more of a bag-ish type deal.

  3. I was nearby during that interview, too! :)

    I was this close to buying the SW logo tee until I saw other women wearing it…and I could see their bras through the white logo. oops.

    However, the Padme shirt is very pretty and I look forward to the new stuff.

  4. I’m glad it was a grass roots type of idea which she made happen on her own, versus some marketing idiots from Hot Topic just slapping a poster pic onto a pink t-shirt and calling it a girl’s top. Kudos to Ashley!

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