Mara Jade tee coming from Her Universe next year

During a panel at Dragon*Con, Ashley Eckstein said to be on the lookout for a Mara Jade tee next spring or summer. I’m pretty sure that would be a first – at least for a licensee!

Big thanks to Mandy for tweeting the news!

8 Replies to “Mara Jade tee coming from Her Universe next year”

  1. I left something out of my previous comment.


    Sorry for acting like a kid, but this definitely warrants it.
    Too bad it’s coming out AFTER Christmas.
    Hope Jaina Solo is on the list, too.

  2. Yes! Nice to see the Lady Jade get a little respect :) Now if we can get Ashley to give us a Sword of the Jedi tee….

  3. Aha! it’s about time! been waiting for this shirt since the company was announced! XD I hope it’s pretty…….

    -Ley <3

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