The Her Universe store is open for business!

Head over to the Her Universe Shop to purchase items from Ashley Eckstein’s new line geared towards female fans! So far there are only six tees and two hoodies available, but more is on the way.

3 Replies to “The Her Universe store is open for business!”

  1. SO cute! I love the Padme Nouveau shirt.

    I’m looking forward to seeing what she comes up with for jewelry; even though I don’t really wear jewelry.

    And hopefully she’ll make enough off Star Wars to go for other franchises?

  2. The Padme Nouveau is really cool. I kind of like that unlike the movie posters, the shirt features Padme’s real nose.

    And it’s gorgeous.

    I also love that unlike Marvel’s first foray into “female product” (seriously that sounds like it should be sold at the drugstore), many of these feature graphics of female heroes, instead of a bunch of “I <3 $male_lead" shirts. Well done.

    Plus, but good lord that Nouveau shirt is pretty. Maybe they could do a series of those, featuring other GFFA women (Leia and Mara leap to mind). Not that I think they should take art direction from me, but I’d totally buy them.

  3. Wow. Yes. Just in time for my birthday.

    But, is there a size chart on there? I didn’t see one. I’d hate to buy something and it not fit.

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