Etsy scavenger: Halloween costume picks

Jedi gear isn’t too hard to make yourself (or so I’ve heard) but if sewing isn’t a priority, you can probably do worse than looking around Etsy. Here are a few listings the Jawas have scrounged up.

Need a Jedi cloak? Mulligan Stew Boutique is on the case. They have three listings for custom-made Jedi trappings: an adult cloak ($85,) a child’s cloak ($60,) and complete child costume ($140.)

Sultry Delights also does custom Jedi tunics ($150,) among other things.

Actually, there are several Jedi robes. My favorite listing is probably Brown Cloak of the Republic, featuring claims of fabric that resists “attacks by the dark side.” ($129.95) But your best bargain may be CustomKids, which will make a child-sized Jedi robe for only $19.99.

And of course, there are the Slave Leias, including an ‘inspired by’ version for bellydancing.

Etsy scavenger: Yet more fanmade Star Wars wearables

The Jawas were hard at work, and here’s some of what they found on Etsy this week.

  1. I think this Empire Strikes Back Babydoll tunic dress/top is adorable! Not so sure I support the suggestion of leggings as pants, though. Still, it’s cute. Just wear real pants. ($29.99)
  2. TypsyGypsyTees also has several Star Wars items, including this AT-AT onesie ($14) or a girl cut probe droid tee. ($20)
  3. A Return of the Jedi ‘boob tube style dress’ by Natty Boho. ($60)
  4. Kick it in style at your next con with Star War Chucks by Chylde. ($50)
  5. A Return of the Jedi tutu? Why not? It’s by XPoppysWickedGardenX. ($40) Also in ANH, Yoda, and a Clone Wars halter top.
  6. Let your freak flag really fly with the Boba Fett ski mask by Unclaimed Baggage. ($70)
  7. Or keep your hipster cred with the Star Wars cycling cap by MMildredSnodgrass. ($32)

(The Jawas are still hard at work sorting listings, so stay tuned.)

The fandom minute: L/M on Etsy, Star Wars car culture, 70’s school stuff, Palpy’s plummet, and cake!

Luke/Mara wedding cake topper by Hildoom @ EtsyThere really is something for everyone on Etsy. I’m prepping a few posts for next week, and I ran across a Luke and Mara Wedding cake topper. (What a post-ROTJ EU pairing has to do with The Clone Wars I have no idea.) The seller, Hildoom, also has a Yoda Birthday Cake topper for sale.

Cars. Jalopnik is on something of a streak, exploring the hot rod culture of Star Wars and likening the ABT Audi R8 V10 to something that “Anakin’s coke dealer” would drive.

Back to school. takes a look back at the 70’s with retro class cear from Helix.

Lists. Palpatine makes #1 on Sci-Fi Squad’s top ten sci-fi deaths.

Cakes. A neat Millenium Falcon by Da Bombe Desserts.

If only… io9 suggests swapping the writing staffs of The Clone Wars and the The Venture Brothers, which may be the only way to get me to cheerfully watch the former.

Etsy scavenger: Fanmade Star Wars wearables

It’s Etsy time again! Once again, I have overextended myself in the search for handmade Star Wars stuff, and it’ll take several posts to clear it all out. Clearly a sign I should do this more often, no?

Get your hipster/geeky glow on with a metallic sweetheart sweater from cellophaneFlower. [Nerfherder Sweetheart Sweater, $35.50]

This Artoo hat from BabbidgePatch is our token male object, in that it’s the only thing we’re likely to see them wear. We hope. [Hat For the Man in a galaxy far far away, $20]

It’s summer, so you might as well grab a bikini top from morosemelonhead. (It’s on sale!) I’m guessing you probably shouldn’t wear it in the water, though. [Luke and Leia Together Again, $13]

But since a bikini top is probably not your best bet for everyday wear, how about a sweet sundress (or two) from Greatful Thread? [Repurposed Star Wars Dress, $50]

Or if you really want to go off the beaten path, how about the “Jedi inspired” backless hooded tunic from Glaciermilk? [Bang Bang, $123]

Etsy scavenger: Things to wear and carry

The Darth Vader garter was the Star Wars hit of #estyday on Twitter. Who knew? [Darth Vader Garter by Kizette, $22.50.]

It’s a bit pricey, but this bracelet is my favorite #etsyday find. [Star Wars Charm Bracelet by Artista Muerta, $48.]

There are an awful lot of t-shirts on Etsy, but I found this one rather charming. [Graf Vader by Workplay, $15.]

No Etsy roundup is complete without a bag! [Flowers for Alderaan Purse by DAME Creations, $22.]

Etsy scavenger: I find your Star Wars bathroom set… Kind of awesome, actually

Of all the things I’ve come to expect on Etsy, a complete bathroom theme set has to be the most surprising… Yet completely natural. The only thing I should really be shocked at is that they haven’t apparently made a liscensed one yet. (Or have they?)

We’ve seen bedroom gear and dishware (The Phantom Menace ones were better) but bathroom products? Suddenly I’m seeing a new use for my Darth Vader pimp cup. [Vintage Star Wars Bath Sets by Greatful Thread, $165.]

(Check back later today for more Etsy gems!)

Etsy Scavenger: Star Wars just for fun

Don’t forget the previous installments, art & decoration and wear & carry.

Etsy Scavenger: Star Wars wear & carry edition

This second set of Etsy finds this week highlights things you wear and carry. Corsets, hats, buttons… Anything you can imagine, someone has no doubt made it. (No jewelery, but everything I saw this time I’ve already blogged about.)

Come back Wednesday for the final installment!