Etsy scavenger: I find your Star Wars bathroom set… Kind of awesome, actually

Of all the things I’ve come to expect on Etsy, a complete bathroom theme set has to be the most surprising… Yet completely natural. The only thing I should really be shocked at is that they haven’t apparently made a liscensed one yet. (Or have they?)

We’ve seen bedroom gear and dishware (The Phantom Menace ones were better) but bathroom products? Suddenly I’m seeing a new use for my Darth Vader pimp cup. [Vintage Star Wars Bath Sets by Greatful Thread, $165.]

(Check back later today for more Etsy gems!)

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  1. This etsy find is quite nice, but yes, they did do bath sets at one time. After the release of Phantom Menace. I know there were shower curtains and items like bath cups, toothbrush holders and bath linens. There were also the various shampoos, soaps, and bath gels/washes.

  2. The TPM line had some pretty neat designs… Though obviously I never saw bath stuff, just the dishes.

    TCW stuff just looks chintzy. :P

  3. Dunc,
    Thanks for the shout out! I really appreciate the kind words! My sister is a Star Wars freak. She was moving into a new place so I wanted to get her a Star Wars bathroom set but I couldn’t find one that I really loved so I decided to make one instead. She said that I had to offer it to all of the other Star Wars fans in the world so I started to put them in my Etsy shop and on eBay. I would love to find accessories to go with them. I haven’t seen any. If anyone has any ideas, I’d love to hear them! Thanks again!!

  4. No problem! I wish I could point you towards a place to find that Vader cup (I’m sure he would hold toothbrushes as well as pens, maybe with a insert) but alas… Most of the stuff out now is based on the Clone Wars cartoon. did a Chewbacca tissue box craft a while back. Not sure it would hold up in the long run, though.

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