Etsy scavenger: Fanmade Star Wars wearables

It’s Etsy time again! Once again, I have overextended myself in the search for handmade Star Wars stuff, and it’ll take several posts to clear it all out. Clearly a sign I should do this more often, no?

Get your hipster/geeky glow on with a metallic sweetheart sweater from cellophaneFlower. [Nerfherder Sweetheart Sweater, $35.50]

This Artoo hat from BabbidgePatch is our token male object, in that it’s the only thing we’re likely to see them wear. We hope. [Hat For the Man in a galaxy far far away, $20]

It’s summer, so you might as well grab a bikini top from morosemelonhead. (It’s on sale!) I’m guessing you probably shouldn’t wear it in the water, though. [Luke and Leia Together Again, $13]

But since a bikini top is probably not your best bet for everyday wear, how about a sweet sundress (or two) from Greatful Thread? [Repurposed Star Wars Dress, $50]

Or if you really want to go off the beaten path, how about the “Jedi inspired” backless hooded tunic from Glaciermilk? [Bang Bang, $123]

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