Five possible locations for Celebration V

Are Baltimore, Minneapolis, Chicago, Indianapolis and Orlando the finalists for Celebration V?

Yes, I saw this over the weekend, but I figured they were drawing that city list from the Force-Cast’s interview with Sansweet: Old news. Except… I didn’t type out that part. So lo, TFN made news of it (again, thus illustrating my number one issue with news and podcasts, but that’s another post) and it’s all over the internet.

Let the haggling, whining, and bitching begin (or continue.) Quite frankly, as long as it’s not Florida (or at least not Disney World) I don’t care.

Celebration Japan: Fisher bows out, Sansweet speaks

See Steve Sansweet at Wizard World Chicago

He himself namedropped Chicago as a possible location for Celebration V, and the speculation to that effect has been flying fast and heavy ever since. So there’s a possibility that something might get announced or at least hinted at this weekend:

4-5 p.m.
The Steve Gerber Room: 1-3 12-14
With “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” movie and TV series hot on the horizon, not to mention all the other events and projects in the works at Lucasfilm, Steve Sansweet, the entertainment company’s head of Fan Relations, will have much to share with fans at Wizard World. Sansweet’s presentation will reveal exciting looks into the upcoming animated movie and series, as well as into LucasArts’ breathtaking new game, “The Force Unleashed.” Don’t miss this hour covering all the Star Wars excitement to come.

Remember: Heavy on the ‘possibility’ and ‘might.’ (via)