Celebration hints from Steve Sansweet

TFN asks Steve about possible future Celebrations and possible locations. Australia, Germany, and Chicago are all namechecked.

3 Replies to “Celebration hints from Steve Sansweet”

  1. Why do they never consider Florida? We have sunshine! And beaches! And other opportunities to milk people for all their worth in the amusements parks. Come to Floridaaaaaaa, Celebration!

  2. Well, leaving aside the giant bugs, Florida is expensive… Of course, so was L.A. Mary talked about alternating when they were chatting up CIV though, so there’s always hope.

    The Midwest is fine by me, though I’ll go pretty much anywhere. I’m certainly not expecting it to come to me… Though I think I may be the only one. That’s what I hate most about when they open these things up to speculation, everyone starts pimping their own hometown and loses the forest for the trees.

  3. I will try to go to wherever they host it, so long as it’s in the US. I don’t expect them to come to Florida–I just really hope they do, because I’m poor and missed the last one. :'(

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