See Steve Sansweet at Wizard World Chicago

He himself namedropped Chicago as a possible location for Celebration V, and the speculation to that effect has been flying fast and heavy ever since. So there’s a possibility that something might get announced or at least hinted at this weekend:

4-5 p.m.
The Steve Gerber Room: 1-3 12-14
With “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” movie and TV series hot on the horizon, not to mention all the other events and projects in the works at Lucasfilm, Steve Sansweet, the entertainment company’s head of Fan Relations, will have much to share with fans at Wizard World. Sansweet’s presentation will reveal exciting looks into the upcoming animated movie and series, as well as into LucasArts’ breathtaking new game, “The Force Unleashed.” Don’t miss this hour covering all the Star Wars excitement to come.

Remember: Heavy on the ‘possibility’ and ‘might.’ (via)

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  1. It’d be a wee bit early to announce the next US Celebration, wouldn’t it?

    Either way, Steve appearances tend to produce news of some sort or another.

  2. Yeah. If not for the previous Chicago thing it wouldn’t be too noteworthy. But hey, maybe they’ll get to see another TCW clip or something.

  3. I don’t think it’s too early… they announced CIV a full thirteen months before it happened. But my guess is they’ll spill the beans in Japan.

  4. Japan and/or SDCC… But Japan comes first. One thing that’s made people suspicious is that apparently this con isn’t one of his usual stops… But then, neither is DragonCon. They’re courting the con crowd heavy this year…

  5. Wizard World tends to be a regular stop in movie years, and this is, unlikely though it may be, a movie year now…

  6. Well, I did read the ‘not a regular stop’ thing on the TFN boards, thus why I didn’t put it in the post. ;)

    Has he gone to DragonCon before? On a (semi) regular basis? Okay, via Google I found a pic of him at D*C in 2001, and a mention of Mary filling in for him in 2004, so I guess it isn’t that big a deal.

  7. Steve says he’s coming to Dragon*Con every year. It’s whether or not the cons before that one manage to take him out that determines whether or not he actually makes it. :)

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