Five possible locations for Celebration V

Are Baltimore, Minneapolis, Chicago, Indianapolis and Orlando the finalists for Celebration V?

Yes, I saw this over the weekend, but I figured they were drawing that city list from the Force-Cast’s interview with Sansweet: Old news. Except… I didn’t type out that part. So lo, TFN made news of it (again, thus illustrating my number one issue with news and podcasts, but that’s another post) and it’s all over the internet.

Let the haggling, whining, and bitching begin (or continue.) Quite frankly, as long as it’s not Florida (or at least not Disney World) I don’t care.

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  1. Frak, I was wishing for St. Louis… Bring at least SOME excitement into this area. heh.

    I’ll probably go though if it is in Chicago or Indianapolis.

  2. I’d just like to avoid Orlando. Ugh. The humidity there!

    Whatever they choose, the fans will complain. We’re good at that. :)

  3. East coast would be nice since they haven’t done one there. Lived in O-town for 13 years and the only nice thing is I could visit old friends & relatives still there.

    Any news about a New Zealand or Australian location for a future C ?

  4. Internationally I think Germany (Düsseldorf? Or is that Jedi-Con?) and Amsterdam have been mentioned for the followup to CE, but I would think Sydney eventually – though maybe not so soon after Japan.

  5. Indy is going under some serious construction right now – the Hoosier dome is coming down and the Lucas Oil Stadium is almost finished – they’re going to extend the convention cetner out where the dome use to be so that would mean tons more room. However – they’re not planning on having that done until 2010. Plus, they’re working on building some upscale hotels downtown also. I’m not sure CV would come to Indy with so much going on. Fingers crossed though – I work downtown and it would be awesome!

  6. I really hope it’s in Indy. I went to CIII there and it was great! Plus it’s a fairly central location instead of being way off to one side of the country.

  7. I’m really hoping for somewhere in central/midwest area…I live in oklahoma and hate to have to drive…again…over 1000 miles! No matter where it is, count me in…they’ve got me hooked now!

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