Sound effects: Best #StarWars and #EpisodeVII tweets for March 30-April 13

@Donal_OKeeffe: Frankly, I do not trust anyone who, when given a neon tube, does not hold one end in both hands while making zhrum zhrum light-sabre noises.

Within: Some Episode VII and Expanded Universe chatter, that whole Wookieepedia thing, some nerfs, and ponderings of all sorts.

Episode VII and such


Yes, the boob thing.

The Expanded Universe

Star Wars life


(Fake account, guys.)

4 Replies to “Sound effects: Best #StarWars and #EpisodeVII tweets for March 30-April 13”

      1. Reboot BSG at least had a variety of women: Starbuck, Laura Roslin, Tori, Callie, the Boomers, etc. There were ‘sexy’ Sixes, sure, but that wasn’t the only kind of woman the show showed, even within the Sixes themselves.

  1. Original BSG had varied female characters, Serina, Athena, Cassiopeia, Sheba. I always thought they were strong characters.

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