Celebration Anaheim stage hosts announced

Celebration VII The new Insider has named the stage hosts for next year’s Celebration Anaheim. Returning are James Arnold Taylor (Celebration Stage,) David Collins (Digital Stage) and Gus Lopez (Collecting Track.) There are new hosts for the Behind-The-Scenes stage, which has been the domain of Pablo Hidalgo for the past several cons: Jason Swank and Jimmy Mac McInerney of RebelForce Radio. Is Pablo too busy with his Story Team duties? Will he only be acting as a panelist, in line with his Story Team duties? We worry.

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  1. He might have a panel, though. “The ever expanding universe: Past, present, future.”
    Unless their story group is still a well-kept mystery by then.

  2. Thanks, but it’s just time. Last few Celebrations required producing, essentially, 20+ hours of stage content. I just knew I wouldn’t have the bandwidth to do that, or develop the program guide, and I couldn’t promise that my schedule would be open that far out. I recommended Jimmy Mac and Jason (although, I’m certain I wasn’t the only one recommending them), so I’m really glad they’re on-board for this!

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