Rumor: Is this the plot of Episode VII?

STAR WARS RUMORS: Take seriously at your own riskDevin Faraci at Badass Digest claims to know the plot of the film. He keeps some details vague, but there is a basic outline that mirrors A New Hope in a few ways.

It does fit in with a few things we’ve heard, like the involvement of Han Solo in a search for Luke Skywalker, and at least one thing we know: Daisy Ridley and John Boyega on a desert planet. But it also raises a few, let’s say sciencey, questions.

Is it plausible? In a galaxy where we have things like sound in space, sure. I guess. Could it be true? No idea. As always, I’m skeptical, but it’s an interesting nugget to hold onto regardless, even if we end up laughing about it in the future.

UPDATE: Faraci follows up with a few more details – including some things we’ve also heard elsewhere about Boyega’s character.

A few more nuggets from Faraci – possible spoilers, etc. – below the cut:

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  1. I really feel like the hand, robot or not, would burn up in the atmosphere. This sounds not 100% accurate.

    1. That was my first thought, too, but maybe the lightsaber is frozen in carbonite or something? Anyway, it would make for a pretty creepy opening. And one that would make audiences worry and wonder who’s lightsaber it is and who sent it to (not ?) Tatooine.

  2. We all wanted something from the EU to make it to EPVII – I don’t think we had “The Glove of Darth Vader” in mind.

  3. Okay, here’s my theory: Han and co. find Luke on some far away planet where he has spent the past 30 years creating his Jedi Academy in secret. There, we find Mara Jade, Corran Horn, Kyle Katarn, and everyone else, who have spent all that time fighting Thrawn (played by Benedict Cumberbatch).

    1. A little too pat, that. And I doubt we’ll see a ton of EU characters. One or two, maybe. A bunch? Doubt it.

      Ugh, Cumberbatch. Let’s not.

    1. Because he’s a beyond uncreative choice for someone like Thrawn. Sherlock + Khan = Thrawn. And that’s even assuming Thrawn will show up, which I heavily doubt. Plus these days people fancast him in everything, he’s very flavor of the month right now.

      But I really can’t stand fancasting in general -it’s kind of (informally) forbidden here for that reason. I had hoped we were past all that with the official castings, but it still persists.

  4. Okay…I get that Star Wars is fantasy/sci-fi, and that a lot of movies ask their audiences to suspend disbelief on some elements. But expecting people to believe that a severed hand holding a lightsaber could not only get through a planet’s atmosphere without burning to ash, but actually *land* on the planet and be recognizable to a couple people stumbling over it? That might just take the cake. Especially after audiences having seen “Gravity.” Also, the camera panning up to a severed hand floating in space seems a bit macabre for a franchise that’s always been promoted as being kid-friendly.

    As for Boyega’s character being a defected stormtrooper, say wha? But…the stormtroopers were all clones of one man, and Boyega doesn’t look like that man? And the stormtroopers were engineered and conditioned by their creators to be obedient so that defections and the like wouldn’t happen? I get that a lot of people want to forget the prequels exist, but they *are* still established canon.

    And finally, I know a lot of ink has already been spilled on the number and roles of women in this movie, but if this plot summary is true, I can’t help but feel disheartened by how male-centric and male-driven it sounds. A man from the previous movies searches for another man from the previous movies, while a new man “steals the show”! I was really hoping that the women in this film would get more to do than be relegated to pretty sidekicks after they’ve used up their quota of 1-2 cool scenes (which was one of my bigger problems with Abrams’ Star Trek reboot films, though I did like them otherwise).

    1. On the stormtrooper thing – the clonetroopers had limited lifespans, unless that was thrown out with the PT EU. It’s not all that far fetched that the Empire transitioned to drafting citizens as the clones died off (or retired) – in fact, I believe that’s how the EU ended up retconing things. The Republic didn’t have a standing army, that’s why the clones were necessary. The Empire has to maintain and build their forces – and why pay for clones when you can train and conscript citizens? (It’s gotta be cheaper.) This is, what, 50-some years after the PT era? Things change.

      On the women – Faraci says he’s holding things back, and this is only about the first 20 minutes of the film. He’s not revealing much about Ridley’s role, true, but she is there. This is only a part of the story – again, assuming any of it is true.

  5. Oh look, a new superweapon!

    THAT’s what they are taking from the EU: just when you think you’ve eliminated one superweapon, another arrives to take its place.

    (Although to be fair, that was also the OT. Still….)

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