Video: J.J. Abrams shows off an X-wing

With a week to go on A Force For Change, J.J. Abrams gives us another look at the set. Well, an X-wing. (Yes, it’s really an X-wing.)

8 Replies to “Video: J.J. Abrams shows off an X-wing”

  1. my first thought was Z-95 headhunter as we panned past the engine mount, but yeah… it looks like a mix of a X-wing, McQuarrie concept X-wing, and Z-95. a new ship, and it looks sweet!

    1. The Headhunter people (Headhunter truthers?) are driving me crazy. Lucasfilm has said it’s an X-wing multiple times now. It’s an X-wing! A ‘new’ one, yes, but an X-wing.

      If you pay attention to the wingtip cannons, looks like the wing splits in the middle instead of sitting on top of each other like the OT model.

      1. I’m not following when you say: “the wing splits in the middle instead of sitting on top”.
        To me it looks like it splits just like the OT model.

        On the X-wing/head hunter thing, it’s a new model. Period. Ford Mustangs don’t look the same from year to year. Why would an X-wing?

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