Marvel announces release dates (but not actual films) through May 2019

Marvel announces release dates (but not actual films) through May 2019. Honestly, the only reason I’m noting this is that although they are claiming May 3 in 2019, there are no May dates for 2017 and 2018. Could Disney be keeping them clear for the return of Star Wars to our rightful month? I freely admit I’m grasping at straws, but for the moment we are still expecting Episode VIII in 2017 and a second standalone in 2018… Stay tuned.

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    1. The May 5 2017 film could have been moved back to July 27. Why would they do three films in one year only to go back to two the next? Particularly if 2019 is supposed to be Avengers 3.

      Well, we’ll hear more at SDCC, no doubt.

        1. Yeah, saw it. All the scuttlebutt seems to be something about them nabbing a Spider-Man date? But I’m not really going to make any more judgements until Saturday, when we get a fuller Marvel picture. (I also wouldn’t count out Marvel – who are well on their way with what SW is just starting – acting as a bit of a placeholder for SW/Disney as well.)

          I’m not going to be one of those bloggers who sticks a flag in the sand and refuses to budge until there’s a 100% official announcement, though – that’s just ridiculous. (Particularly with release dates so far in advance. There’s nothing wrong with entertaining theories, you just can’t make them your hill to die on.) I totally could be wrong about all of this. But we’ll see.

  1. I don’t think your grasping at straws. That’s good guess work because, c’mon, they gotta make a schedule and Captain America and Jek Porkins are not sharing a release month.

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