Rumor: A Solo for Episode VII?

Ksenia SoloJedi News is going old school, giving (one of?) their Episode VII source(s) a nickname: Jedi Master SQL. Today, SQL tells them that actress Ksenia Solo is being considered for a role, “potentially Solo playing the daughter of Han Solo.” Potentially: I don’t think they’re actually saying that that’s the specific role she’s up for.

Aside from a regular role as Kenzi on the Canadian supernatural drama Lost Girl, Solo has appeared on the TV show Life Unexpected and in the film Black Swan.

As always, remember: A rumor is just that! Nothing is official until Lucasfilm says so.

8 Replies to “Rumor: A Solo for Episode VII?”

  1. We HAD to give the source a name. Unnamed Source just sounds so unsatisfying! Unnamed Source sounds like something you’d find in an episode of Man vs Food.

  2. Huh. Well, I have Life Unexpected in my Netflix queue. I gotta say that this about the “fame level” I’d like for most of my potential Episode VII actors… that is, assuming they can actually act!

  3. Mark, I like that the source has a “name.”

    Breathesgelatin, Ksenia Solo has some range. I’ve liked what she’s done in Lost Girl and Black Swan.

  4. I miss Darth Friday. ;-)

    And this girl… For some reason, the black hair creeps me out a little. Yes, I’m aware that hair can be changed. :-)
    Apart from that, I like that I don’t know her. :-)

  5. I would be on board with this. It’s the first casting rumor I didn’t immediately laugh at. I hope lesser known talent like her is what they go with.

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