Episode VII: Spartacus actor auditions for a Jedi role, more castings and #BringBackLando!

Why hello there, Liam McIntyreCasting rumor du jour, part 2. RebelForce Radio tells Jedi News that their DragonCon correspondent, Riley of The Star Wars Report, had a conversation with actor Liam McIntyre (Spartacus) who told him that he’s auditioned for a Jedi role in Episode VII. They’ll reveal more on tomorrow’s episode.

Casting calls. Meanwhile it seems there’s more casting going in New York. Only three roles, but they sound similar to several from the earlier slate. Could they already have folks (or finalists?) for the other parts?

Returning faces? Billy Dee Williams was also at DragonCon, and his manager said that Ford, Fisher and Hamill still aren’t signed. They’re urging folks to show their support for bringing back Billy Dee – who wants Lando to have “a beautiful daughter who’s a Jedi” – by using the hashtag #BringBackLando.

11 Replies to “Episode VII: Spartacus actor auditions for a Jedi role, more castings and #BringBackLando!”

  1. So a white male might be cast in Star Wars? AWESOME! Sure would be nice to get some diversity in Episode VII

  2. Well, these are just the ones we’re hearing about, who knows who they’re really seeing? But ‘auditioned’ does not mean ‘got a callback’ or ‘still in the running.’ We are by no means getting the full picture here.

  3. To me, it might tell us that three out of seven of the roles are Americans. If there were two men and two women, one of them women might be European. That’s assuming no one has been cast, of course.

    1. He might know, because his agency reps Ford too. But I just shrug. However, if they do announce as soon as as it’s official, as Pablo told us earlier, then it’s not much of a surprise. We still don’t know how close they are.

  4. Yeah I know we won’t know until actual casting announcements are made. But so far it seems like a lot of the names and actors popping up don’t stray too far from the blonde, Caucasian norm.

    No offense to blonde Caucasians…it’s nothing against that specific type of person or actor but I’ just hoping that a 2015 and beyond SW saga would be much more diverse.

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