Flashback: Remembering the rumors of previous Star Wars eras

fantastic-lulzA flight of prequel-era rumor memories were unearthed on Twitter last night, which led even further back: To early (December 1980!) rumor reports regarding the film that eventually became Return of the Jedi. Clones! So many clones! (via)

Just keep this in mind next time you’re agonizing over the latest Episode VII rumors. And check out some of the prequel reminiscing below the cut.

Yes, it was a joke rumor BUT I LOVED IT NONE THE LESS.

And let’s not forget that time that AICN “confirmed” that Christopher Walken would be playing Darth Bane in Episode II. (via)

Share your own memories of crazy unfounded rumors from the original or prequel eras… If you dare.

7 Replies to “Flashback: Remembering the rumors of previous Star Wars eras”

  1. Remember well here in the UK, pre-Jedi when the rumour was that Han, Luke and Leia all died on Tatooine at the hands of Jaba the Hutt. Talk of the playground for weeks! Vague memories of when Lando came into Empire, rumours of him being a clone character. Different times, pre-internet all we had were the comics, sci-fi mags, the occasional TV show and the fanzines.

  2. I always loved the rumor where a prototype Death Star melted Naboo into the volcano planet where the final duel would take place.
    And of course: Obi-Wan is code for OB-1, the first clone. :-D

  3. I remember the very complex rumors in my college dining hall after ESB that Boba Fett was a Jedi and/or the Other Hope. I was very satisfied when he died so early in ROTJ. I’m embarrassed to say that none of us thought of Leia.

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