Poll: Your thoughts on Outcast

This poll has been up on the sidebar since Tuesday, but in the whirlwind of April Fools and everything else I forgot to actually make a post about it. In any case, now is your chance to click and pick what you thought of the first book of the Fate of the Jedi series, Aaron Allston’s Outcast. Register your vote – if you haven’t already – under the cut.

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2 Replies to “Poll: Your thoughts on Outcast

  1. Outcast was a fantastic book. It had the right balance of humor and action, and the dialog wasn’t so corny that it hurt to read. I really like the premise of Luke being in exile with Ben, and the new dynamic at the Jedi Temple is shaping up to be fascinating.

  2. I liked it way better than most lately. The threads that are being woven are compelling. I’m looking forward to Luke and Ben pilgrimming across the galaxy to learn what Jacen learned. I am annoyed with Jaina Solo. Her one liners are horrific. Overall I liked it.

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