Video: Supernatural mocks fans, themselves

So it seems that on last week’s Supernatural episode ‘The Monster at the End of This Book,’ the main characters, Dean and that guy played Dean on Gilmore Girls Sam, discover fandom. And slash. Incest slash, of course, since the main focus of both the show and the psuedo-fandom within the show are the two brothers. Naturally, some in the fandom are less than amused

I gotta say, I tend to eat this kind of thing up with a spoon. (See Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor, Avatar’s ‘The Ember Island Players,’ and I’m sure some of you know the names of the X-Files episodes I’m thinking of…) But what’s your take? Is it okay for the canon to take a mocking stance on not only itself but the fans?

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  1. BRB, can’t breathe, laughing too hard. Now I need to read the wank!

  2. Are you kidding? Bring on the mocking! (Will have to go back and look at this later since I’m on my daughter’s computer right now, so I can’t comment on these clips in particular, but overall, I think the self-deprecation and the pokes at the fan are usually brilliant and done with love.

  3. Man, I thought this episode was great. Part of why I really like the show is it’s sorta-cheesy attitude and meta humor. Not that I can tell anybody that I like the show, because the fan base is friggin’ terrifying.

  4. Kelly: I’m pretty sure I know what the CJers are going to say, but we seem to have one or two readers with a less… mockery-hardened view of their fandoms. And blog commentators are rather like ants: If you see one, there are certainly others lurking nearby… ;)

    Doyle: That does seem to be their rep… (The fandom, that is.)

  5. I think everyone needs a little good natured mocking a times to remind them not to take themselves so seriously or be too arrogant. In this case it also serves as a reminder that yes TPTB are paying attention to what people are doing online in regards to their shows. I think fans sometimes forget that there are actual people creating these shows and that they have feelings too – sure it’s part of their job but the shows/characters are still their creations and fans are simply “borrowing” them. If we can comment and sometimes criticize what they do than I think they should be able to as well.

  6. Haha, man I love this sort of thing. I think I better watch this Supernatural episode in full. Props to both the CW’s genre shows: the Smallville episode (Hex) that aired two weeks ago was awfully funny too, in part because it made mincemeat of the crazy “Lois Lane will die and her cousin Chloe will take on her identity to honor her” theory that some people cling to still.

  7. Okay, I finally watched the clips. I know NOTHING about the show, but these were HILARIOUS. Kim Manners (of X-Files fame) is involved, I see. Yeah, it definitely reminds me of some of the more spoofier XF episodes.

    Really, I cannot comprehend what the fans are so upset about. Do they really think that two brothers, upon learning that someone is writing slash fic about them, would NOT find it sick? Come ON, people! And even if they weren’t brothers, if they’re portrayed as straight on the show, they’re not gonna be all “yay slash!”

    If you like non-canonical pairings, fine, but don’t get upset if canon contradicts it. That’s what non-canonical MEANS.

  8. Only caught an episode or two of the show…but I love this. It’s absolutely brilliant.

  9. The wank over this is hilarious! How can people write slash like that and yet seemingly be utterly devoid of a sense of humor? Seriously…

    If you can’t do what you do and at the same time love doing it enough to have a sense of humor about it then please, for the love of all that is holy, stop doing it.

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