If Anyone Still Cares about “Dragonriders of Pern” …

After the last one, I’m not sure why I do, but for those who are interested, the newest book in the apparently neverending Pern saga, “Dragonsblood”, will be released in the US on January 25, 2005. Information is available both at Anne McCaffrey’s website and at her son the author’s website.

The plot? Well . . . watchwhers, time travel, dragons and firelizards getting sick, more time travel, and probably the now-typical massive continuity problems that characterize the Pern books. But the cover, especially the UK cover, is purty.

Empire Tales

Coming Soon continues their DVD preview with some great quotes from a Q&A session with ESB director Irvin Kershner:

I did not think of it as science fiction ever. To me it was a fable. It was a fairy tale. And all the research I did was for fairy tales. I read, of course, Campbell. I read Jung. I read Freud. I even read Einstein to try and understand a little bit of what he was saying because he was a great philosopher. And of course I’m very familiar with Zen Buddhist concept. To me it’s a hobby, not a religion. A hobby. I collect Buddhas, you see. Well, I stressed the fairy tale aspect. I stressed the characterization. I tried to put as much humor as possible in it.

In other SW/DVD news…
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