Zahn’s Flood of Books

We have been neglecting our duty in supporting the work of our favorite authors. One who’s been quietly putting books out at an alarming pace, lately, is Timothy Zahn author of many of our favorite Star Wars books.

Just released:
The Green and the Gray – A married couple in New York find themselves protecting a child who turns out to be a refugee alien. The bookcover does it way more justice than I ever could. Just go get it!

Dragon and Soldier – This is book two in Tim’s young adult series. (Yes. Book two. We missed book one!) It features a 14-year-old thief who, while on the run, makes friends with a dragon who’s also on the run and trying to save everyone from a rather nasty fate.

What we missed:
Dragon and Thief – Book one of the series above. It has come out in softcover to coincide with the release of Book Two’s hardcover.

Star Wars Bookstore Roundup

As noted already, the media blitz continues. Having seen previews, I know the UK is getting lots of cool stuff from your infinitely-better magazines. (Did I say that?) Those of us in the US will have to content ourselves with waiting. I guess that just prolongs the pleasure.

There is an actual new release, this week. Not sure why this was delayed:

Star Wars Clone Wars: Ultimate Sticker Book – Simon Beecroft – This continues the popular DK sticker book series with characters from the Clone Wars cartoons. The stickers are reusable on the included backdrop. Let your Clone Wars battles commence!

With the release of the “long lead-time” magazines, last week, we must content ourselves with the stragglers, this week.

Entertainment Weekly – September 24, 2004 – Has that great, classic shot of Our Heroes on the cover. There’s an interview with George and with Mark Hamill. And Star Wars is the subject of the Pop Culture Quiz.

Premiere Magazine – October, 2004 – Has a fun mix of factoids all about the DVD release. Some funny quotes from current Hollywood favorites about Star Wars.

Starburst – Issue 314 – A small tidbit, there’s some coverage of the new baddie for Ep3 (although no pictures). And a nice article for the Wantons and SG-Addicts, there’s an interview with the Scottish Doctor from SG-Atlantis.