Batman Begins…Begins

And so we have the first trailer. I am really loving the look of this. Actual focus on character. Wonderfully filmed. I think this will be a Batman I can get behind!

Check it out in a million different formats here.

A voice no one can refuse

Kids won’t go to bed when you tell them? Spouse refuses to put his or her dirty socks in the hamper? Boss won’t pony up with that pay rise you’ve more than earned? Starbucks barista too slow?

Worry no more! With the soon-to-be released Darth Vader voice modulator you’ll have those annoying humans around you jumping to your command in no time.

Get my mocha or die!


USA Today has an article about Comic Con. Highlight is a quote regarding the Revenge of the Sith announcement:

“It’s certainly an improvement over the first two,” says Ken Simmons, 31, of Tampa. He spent most of the weekend dressed as a storm trooper character from the films. “I just hope no one confuses it with Revenge of the Nerds.”