PG-13? For Star Wars?!

Wow. Things must really be getting dark in Episode 3 if there’s the possibility of a PG-13 rating.

Of course, George ascribes this to the emotional intensity of the film. Could it possibly be the death and carnage that we know will occur, instead? However, there’s no blood in the GFFA. So emotional intensity it is!

One Reply to “PG-13? For Star Wars?!”

  1. Okay, I’m probably the only one who will have this reaction, but ARRRRGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!! My kids weren’t old enough to see TPM in the theaters (age 18 months), but would have been by the time AOTC came out. But that battle scene in AOTC made that a no-go for them in the theaters, too (age 4 1/2). Now I’m finally thinking, okay, they can see most PG movies (I’d let them watch AOTC now), so I’ll FINALLY get to take them to see a SW movie in the theaters (they’ll be 7 1/2). But PG-13 is a lot more dicey. I let them watch those at home where I can fast-forward past too-intense scenes but not in the theater. This is my last chance to take them to see a SW movie when it first comes out in the theaters. If I can’t, I’ll be really disappointed. :(

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