New Rogue One international trailer features Jyn’s mom, more Vader


The new international trailer for Rogue One features more of Jyn’s journey, including her mother, Lyra Erso. (Who believes in the Force, and is that a kyber crystal? The shape seems consistent with new canon, at least.) Also, new Death Star and Vader shots, because.

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  1. Is that a special music remix for the trailer? Or has Michael Giacchino had time to work on the score? (Very relieved it’s him taking over for the first non-Williams; I liked most of his scores and he even made the old TV Trek theme ACTUALLY sound epic for a change.)

    1. I’m assuming – since they send the review copies out later now, and mine might come on Monday, if I’m lucky – that she’s going to be a believer in the Force. (Church of the Force?) I also wonder if it’s not necessarily a kyber crystal, but a standard common crystal (like whatever the GFFA equivalent of quartz is) that’s more symbolic than anything.

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