Wear Star Wars Every Day: Week 45


Week 45 of my #WearStarWarsEveryDay fundraising campaign is all wrapped up, and we’ve got a wacky mix of Star Wars wear for this first full week of November. No donations for Collateral Repair Project in this time period, which is a bit of a bummer, but I know that with the election in the US, everyone’s mind has been elsewhere. Still, big thanks to Trina who donated a shirt worn this week, and Danielle who lent four of the items donned this week, along with Tyler who lent another wrist sweatband.

Every day I wear a new and different Star Wars apparel item, my daily pledge makers will chip in $4.65 to Collateral Repair Project! This time around, we have six shirts from a variety of companies, including my Back to Jakku mashup shirt from Teepublic for Back to the Future Day. There’s also Tyler’s wristband which I wore to jury duty, and a warning sign for our favorite stormtrooper in A New Hope. This review for Week 45 covers November 4 to November 10 of my wearathon, and an update on fundraising for and the latest happenings at Collateral Repair Project, a non-profit organization that provides emergency assistance, education, and community support to urban refugees.

Get more info on what Wear Star Wars Every Day is all about, or make a donation via GoFundMe or a per-day pledge.