LFL’s Roffman on keeping Star Wars fresh

Marketing Week’s Laura Snoad talks to Howard Roffman on how Lucasfilm is keeping Star Wars relevant in the post-movie era. He pings on the books, video games, and other merchandising issues. Includes a question from our very own Eliz, the answer to which contains interesting bit on the StarWars.com redesign:

The website will also be easier for people to shop for Star Wars products and connect with other fans to see what other news is being generated from multiple sources. There’s an evolution in StarWars.com from wanting to be the [only] fans’ site to understanding we can connect to other channels that fans use to communicate with each other.

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  1. Yeap- that was me. I admit to falling to the marketing side of things and loving social media. I think it would help them out to establish a social media command center to help stay on top of things. The team does an awesome job now, but the right tools would help them be more agile and get better information.

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