Darth Maul finally coming to Clone Wars; Phantom Menace 3-D trailer with The Three Musketeers

The Clone Wars will be cashing the check it wrote in season 3’s Savage Opress arc this spring: Darth Maul is back, and Entertainment Weekly has video.

UPDATE: USA Today has another image of Maul that shows more detail. They also reveal that we can expect a trailer for The Phantom Menace attached to Paul W.S. Anderson’s crazy steampunk-looking The Three Musketeers on Oct. 21. (via) Meanwhile, StarWars.com has a glimpse of the TPM 3-D poster.

It’s “an amazing storytelling opportunity,” they say. Personally, I find a resurrected Maul less facepalm-worthy than some of the other stuff they came up with last year, so, hey: Bring it on.

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  1. I’ll keep an open mind here I guess. I’m actually getting slightly tired of the Clone Wars continuously bringing characters from the films into the series. Seems to be more and more of it these days in an effort to pull in more fans who have been hesitant to watch. I’d rather see some more great new characters or some of the semi-recurring ones created for the Clone Wars (i.e. Cad Bane, Hondo, etc.)

  2. What we have to keep in mind (in universe) is that the Night Sisters aren’t exactly good and the things they do serve their purposes. I think their is more to this plot than just Darth Maul having somehow survived his bisection and fall on Naboo.

  3. I just hope it’s not a situation of opening Pandora’s box and EVERY dead character can now come back to life in the EU.

  4. If there’s a confrontation between Obi-Wan and Maul, I may forgive them. That would be interesting. It seems very, VERY implausible, but I’ll wait and see how they explain it. It just kind of feels like they ran out of ideas (or possibly cheesy names) for more villains.

  5. It’s almost as if there was a certain 3D re-release that was being promoted, tied-into, etc. Not that Lucasfilm would be that crass, of course…

  6. I agree with MattDoc, to me it just depends on how well the writers handle his return and his reason for coming back(It better be a really important reason!). But I can’t make up my mind if I like it until I see it in it’s entirety.

    @SarahSparrow: I’m not really sure its that they’re running out of ideas, they already have enough consistent villains, with the occasional admiral Trench. I think they’re just trying to throw someone new(or old I guess) into the mix. Cad Bane is lurking around somewhere, right?

  7. I suspect that the Nightsisters resurrect something. But maybe he’ll be the Darkside version of a blue ghost?

  8. Here’s my prediction. Chalk this up as a “you heard it here first” so be sure to come back and check at the end of the season….

    Maul is back to kill Ventress. She’s been on her way out for a while and she obviously doesn’t make it to Ep.III. They’ve needed a way to kill her off, but it could be too “evil” to have one of the Jedi do it. Therefore, we have Savage team up with Maul and they take her out.

  9. i also agree with MattDoc and Zasso. There’s a big galaxy and lots of room for their original characters like Hondo and Cad Bane so that we don’t need to bring in lots of movie characters. Last year we got Greedo, Tarkin, and Chewbacca, among others, and so far this season we’ve already had Ackbar and Tarpals.

    But with Darth Maul, they do have a chance to do something fairly novel – the notion of family among the Sith / Nightsister crowd. and go weird again with the magicks. or we’ll find out that he’s been lying on the bottom of Theed’s reactor core shaft for 10 years and is really ticked off.

  10. Is it me, or Maul already the most resurrected SW character ever? Half-cyborg in Visionaries, brain hooked up to a hologram in Tales, semi-cloned in Force Unleashed bonus content, inexplicably raised to fight a grudge match with Vader in another Tales story.

    Makes it seem like it was only a matter of time before Maul returned in the Star Wars mainstream. I guess everyone wanted to see more of him, even George, eventually.

  11. I’m game for this. As I sat in the theater last year and saw that Maul might be alive, it blew my mind. I think it is gutsy and if they pull it off, it will be awesome. On the other hand, if they fail, they pretty much delegitimize The Clone Wars as ever being a part of the actual saga. When all is said and done, it might rest along side the film saga as canon. This could break that or take it up a notch.

  12. This is a truly awful idea. He’s DEAD. I hear the official excuse is that Palps trained him in the arts of resurrection as he and his master learned.

    But why would Palps train his apprentice in his most secret and powerful of tricks, it goes against every principal of the rule of two and the Sith in general. This is just lazy, Maul is a cool character, made cooler because he is dead and leaving is longing for more. I’m just waiting for Thrawn to make a appearance and my journey towards the darkside will be complete.

  13. “As I sat in the theater last year and saw that Maul might be alive, it blew my mind.”

    This is the thing that astounds me – how did no one see this coming? It was blatantly foreshadowed in the last of the Nightsisters episodes. And yet everyone’s shocked that they’ve officially announced Maul is coming back.

    Another thing to note: we’ve only seen Maul from the waist up. So there is a chance he might have robotic legs a la ‘Old Wounds’.

  14. This is the thing that astounds me – how did no one see this coming?

    Jason was talking about seeing the Nightsisters episodes for the first time.

    I don’t think anyone who watches/knows about the show is really shocked that it’s happening – just that they’re finally going to use it. I think a lot of folks expected to see him sooner than the backend of S4.

    I haven’t really seen any shock – expect maybe from the more mainstream sources, or casual fans who weren’t aware that this was telegraphed earlier. And, let’s face it – that’s who they’re trying to reach with this press push.

  15. “Jason was talking about seeing the Nightsisters episodes for the first time.”

    I know, that’s what I was getting at.

    I’ve certainly seen plenty of surprise from people, even those who watched series 3.

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