Kerfuffle of the moment

We leave town for a week and everyone starts getting delusions of grandeur… The wankpocalypse (expected July 21, 2007) has come early, it seems. Livejournal has deleted several communities and journals that host incest and slash fanfic, supposedly prompted by complaints about said journals promoting pedophilia. Fandom being fandom, paranoia runs rampart, all the way to Fandom Wank and Boing Boing. I’m not particularly familiar with anything that got deleted, but community names like ‘childlove’ and ‘master_badtouch’ do give me pause.

Cause for concern? Yes. But I doubt this is going to cause a fandom-wide purge, although TPM slashers and Luke/Leia shippers best take a good look at their interest lists. And how about we just stay away from the underage incest porn, ‘mkay?

ETA: Mainstream attention from, and a fan response that doesn’t involve excessive knee-jerking.

ETA2: Livejournal speaks.

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  1. THANK YOU. Man, I thought I was the only person on LJ who wasn’t gnashing my teeth and pulling my hair out. Why does there have to be such drama over something so stupid?

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