CIV: The one we’ve been waiting for

Obi-Wan wonders if he left the iron on

The biggest thing to come out of this Celebration was, of course, the much-anticipated and yet totally unexpected (well, unannounced) Clone Wars footage. As disappointed as I was to first hear that the animated series would be yet another dose of the Clone Wars, I must admit it looks pretty cool. There’s a report from the C4 panel at the Celebration blog. Alas, due to my schedule I never made the actual panels, although I did manage to catch the footage itself on screen, and it’s fantastic in high-def. I hope everyone who could caught it that way.

Anakin Skywalker, Mr. Dressup puppet

The fan-produced “3-D animated stills” mentioned is probably the ‘Tales from the New Republic’ project. While impressive for a fan production (and more in line with what I hoped for the animated series, sigh) the image quality suffers in comparison to the CW footage. Still, it’s a great idea and a lot of work, and I hope they can pull it off!

One of these things is not like the others...

Even if… umm… no comment.

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  1. This has definitely surpassed my expectations. The small version of the trailer does not do it justice.

    Start saving up for those HDTV’s and good sound systems, now!

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