Flashback: Jedi Pick Up Lines

Originally posted sometime in the mid/late 90’s, this list was compiled from a CJ chat aided by too little sleep, and too much wine at a very late hour…

“Hey baby, wanna go violate the Jedi Code?”

“Hey baby, wanna create a disturbance in the Force?”

“You could make a Jedi crave excitement and adventure!”

“I will finish what I begin”

“I will begin what I finish”

“I could be Emperor some day, you know”…

“You don’t know the power…”

“I can see the future through the Force.. and right now I see me, you, a bottle of Alderani Wine, and a repulsor couch.”

“The guy who said a ‘Jedi feels no passion’ never met me.”

“It is your destiny.”

“What color’s your lightsaber?”

“Bet my lightsaber’s bigger than his is.”

“How many rocks can you juggle?”

“Want to see what levitation is really good for?”

“It’s not the caliber of the blaster.. but the marksmanship it’s used with!”

“I can foresee your future baby.” (Is that “future baby” or “future, baby?”)

Of course, Yoda’s line is a classic: “Size matters not.”

“Judge me by my size do you? As well you should not! For my ally is the force..”

“You wouldn’t believe what I can do with a lightsaber.”

“Is that your lightsaber, or are you just happy to see me?”

“I really CAN make the earth move!”

“Let’s go somewhere and feel the Force together”

“C’mon baby, ignite my lightsaber…”

“I have a bad feeling about this”

“Uh.. wanna come over and see my nerf collection?”

“Join me and we’ll rule the galaxy together!”

“With the Force as an ally, many things become possible.”

“Let’s become one with the Force.”

“Would you like to see the view from the top of the Temple on Yavin 4?”

“I’m a Master…I can teach you a great many things….”

“How would you like to experience the Power of the Force?”

“So, Would you like to go in and see my lightsaber collection?”

“I can give you the Galaxy.”

“I can show you powers you never dreamed possible.”

” How would you like a guided tour of the INSIDE of the Jedi Academy?”

“Come with me…. The Force will be with you!”

“I have seen you in my Future.”

“I can levitate you to new heights of ecstasy.”

“You want to come with me…. I can feel it!”

“The Force is strong in my family, you know…. With your looks and my Force gifts, we could have some amazing children together.”

“Jedi Knights do it with the Force, you know!”

“The Force will guide our actions.”

“Don’t believe anyone who tells you a Jedi craves not these things…”

Of course, if all else fails, a Jedi can always fall back on the power of forceful suggestion:
“I will come with you to Yavin 4…”
“It is my destiny…”
“I will be happy there….”

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