Gift Guide: Santa Maul thinks of the Wantons

Santa Maul's Holiday Gift GuideSanta Maul invites his many lady friends (and perhaps a few of his man friends as well) to feast their eyes on Sideshow’s new Attack of the Clones Obi-Wan figure. These 12 inches of bearded Obi-Wan can be preordered on Friday for those who qualify. Santa Maul is not familiar enough with Sideshow’s arcane practices to guess what that means, or when the figures will be shipping, but he does believe that many a fan would appreciate the gesture even if it does come down to an empty box on the day in question.

Santa Maul also recommends io9’s Gift Ideas for the Ten Major Species of Science Fiction Fan, though overall he finds their choices rather obvious.

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  1. Santa Maul would never forget his favorite ladies, lest they channel their dark energies and rend him limb from limb.

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