Gift Guide: A great lair never goes out of style

Santa Maul's Holiday Gift GuideSanta Maul has been pondering the perfect gift for the burgeoning evil mastermind, and The New York Times has revealed it to him. A British phone company is offering for sale an underground tunnel complex built during World War II as a bomb shelter! A virtual bargain at only $7.4 million, particularly when one notes that it contains a bar. Santa Maul regrets that London is not convenient to his lifestyle, else he would buy it himself, or rather whammy the current owners into thinking he did.

For those with a more limited budget, Santa Maul offers this link to Geeks are Sexy’s gift list. Santa Maul particularly craves the Starbuck mug.

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  1. Santa Maul accepts all compliments. He has procured a very fine tailor. By the windpipe!

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