GateGeek – Atlantis Fall-Out

So a great hue and cry has gone up from the ranks of fans with much anger directed at both SciFi and MGM for cancelling Atlantis.  And there are the inevitable sites going up as the fans work through the grief process.  However, the producers are saying that it was a mutual decision in order to launch the Stargate Atlantis movies while the brand was still strong.

Joe Mallozzi shares that the cast and crew were told before word leaked out.  (A bit of a rarity, in this day and age.)  And he also shares that the 100th and last episode will not be a cliffhanger, as previously reported, but should leave us wanting more.

David Hewlett Twittered that he’s a bit bummed, but is philosophical about the actor’s life.  No official word, yet, from the other main actors.

On the happier side of Stargate news, although the producers aren’t yet acknowledging it, The Hollywood Reporter is saying that the new series Stargate Universe has been greenlighted.  (Although anytime someone in Hollywood says “younger vibe,” I get nervous.)  So…new series and movies from the prior ones!

And tonight’s episode, The Shrine, is getting huge buzz as being one of the most moving of the series.

It should be an interesting Dragon*Con next weekend!

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