Gate Geek – A lil’ of this, a lil’ of that

It’s me!  The world’s worst internet reporter catching up, yet again, with the news.  Let’s just do this quickly, shall we?

The more techno-savvy cast of Stargate Universe have been doing what they can to generate enthusiasm.  (And I’m starting to see the tides turning, all you Stargate skeptics!)

It will be good.  I have faith.

Gate Geek – Newsbits

Well, look who’s been a bit lazy!  So what’s been happening around the Gate, lately?

Gate Geek – Author John Scalzi Creative Consultant for Universe

Joe Mallozzi has announced that author John Scalzi (Old Man’s War, The Android’s Dream) will now be a creative consultant to the new Stargate Universe series.  (Plus, the announcement includes a really delicious-looking trip to Vancouver restaurant Fuel… except for that foie gras… yuck.)

If you have read his books (and if you haven’t, why not?), this certainly hints at an interesting direction for the show.

Gate Geek – That’s a wrap party!

Apparently a very good time was had by all at the Stargate Atlantis series wrap party. David Hewlett Twittered about his hangover. And, according to producer Joe Mallozzi, everyone was having way too much fun to even pay attention to the final speeches and tribute video (to be included on the Season 5 DVD set). But there are lots of fun pictures of most everyone and significant others.

Over in GateWorld land, they interview Gary Jones (aka Walter, SG1’s favorite gate technician) and Janina Gavankar, a newly-introduced female kick butt character.

Gate Geek – Atlantis protest and movie confirmation

It may have been a small protest in front of The Bridge Studios, but it had heart.  (Although figure it out, folks.  The current producers want to keep the show going.  You should be complaining to MGM and SciFi about this.)  In producer Joe Mallozzi’s blog, he commented on how spirited they were.

The protesters, however, are organizing a rally in Los Angeles in front of MGM.  There ya go….

In the same blog entry, Joe Mallozzi also confirmed that the promised SGA movie is already on track with a script to be finished by year’s end.  Yippee!

Over in GateWorld land, there are new interviews with Chuck “Chucknician” Campbell and David Nykl.

GateGeek – Atlantis Fall-Out

So a great hue and cry has gone up from the ranks of fans with much anger directed at both SciFi and MGM for cancelling Atlantis.  And there are the inevitable sites going up as the fans work through the grief process.  However, the producers are saying that it was a mutual decision in order to launch the Stargate Atlantis movies while the brand was still strong.

Joe Mallozzi shares that the cast and crew were told before word leaked out.  (A bit of a rarity, in this day and age.)  And he also shares that the 100th and last episode will not be a cliffhanger, as previously reported, but should leave us wanting more.

David Hewlett Twittered that he’s a bit bummed, but is philosophical about the actor’s life.  No official word, yet, from the other main actors.

On the happier side of Stargate news, although the producers aren’t yet acknowledging it, The Hollywood Reporter is saying that the new series Stargate Universe has been greenlighted.  (Although anytime someone in Hollywood says “younger vibe,” I get nervous.)  So…new series and movies from the prior ones!

And tonight’s episode, The Shrine, is getting huge buzz as being one of the most moving of the series.

It should be an interesting Dragon*Con next weekend!

GateGeek – It’s Premiere Week!

It’s the time that makes the Stargate fan’s heart go pitter-pat.  (Hear it?)  Yes, Season 5 of Stargate Atlantis premieres in the US this Friday!

(Sure.  Some of you couldn’t wait and watched the leak.  But some of us have decided to wait and enjoy the suspense.)

This, of course, brings us all sorts of promotional goodies to enjoy:

Other Stargate stuff of note:

  • GateWorld has launched an image gallery with much nicer pictures
  • And there are lovely tributes to Don S. Davis in the LA Times and  E! (who appears to have a Stargate fan now working there)

Gate Geek – The Season Cometh

Only a couple more weeks until Season 5!  So the newsbits are flying fast and furious.

To start this out with some amusement, the latest Super Fan video is up on the official site.  Big stunts with this one.

Super Fan Contest host, Martin Gero, talks with GateWorld.  In it, we get some slightly spoilery (although not overly so) discussion about the overall storyline, some teasing about Episode 100 and a small discussion about being inadvertently sucked into the middle of a political battle because of his new movie‘s name and content.

Someone who is willing to be spoilery is E! Watch with Kristin who, along with thousands of other fans, has found out the basic gist of what happens in the season opener.

Those screeners are getting a lot of traffic, but producer Joe Mallozzi understands.  He tries to prevent it, but he understands.

Atlantis comes back July 11th.

Gate Geek – Dreading over the Dreads?

Yes. It’s been a while. Y’see, there was this trip out to Pegasus. The Apollo developed engine trouble. It was this whole thing….

Okay. Not really. But let’s catch up, shall we?

Not to be outdone by a show that’s still on the air, the SG1 news: