Gate Geek: io9 has seen Universe and it is good….

And lo,  io9 got to see the first three hours of Stargate Universe.  And it was good.  They even managed to write a spoiler-free review about it.

In a nutshell, it’s not your regular Stargate, but it still has it as its core.  And they ask you to give it at least until the end of the third hour until you decide for yourself.  Plenty of stuff for “Gaters” to get riled about; which “Gaters” love to do.  (Can I be not a fan of the whole “Gaters” designation, though?)

At Dragon*Con, I got the chance to speak briefly with Gary Jones (aka Walter “Chevron Counting Guy” Harriman) who has been there during production and even saw some preliminary cuts.  He thinks we’re going to love it if we give it a chance.