Video: Star Wars thriller

There’s at least one Jader in this video… And I hope someone, somewhere, is doing a Death Troopers version. (via)

5 Replies to “Video: Star Wars thriller”

  1. This is hilarious. I’m lurking all over the place in this video. The Han and Leia who put this together are who I was staying with at the Con, they’re some of my oldest friends.

    I never thought this video would take off like this while they were making it.

  2. There was quite the obsession with Thriller at Dragon*Con. It was pretty funny.

    Nice to get some flashbacks of the weekend.

  3. Dunc: I’m in there as the Sgt. Pepper groupie in the orange dress, the Harpies cheerleader in the orange skirt, and Robin Sparkles in the footage from the garage. Rogue’s in the GI Joe fatigues in the garage footage.

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