EU newsbits: Details from Irvine, YA, interviews

More new contract fallout: Alex Irvine details the timing of his ‘ancient Jedi’ novel on his blog:

…Yours truly is going to be writing a novel set just before the Knights of the Old Republic storyline. Since I am one of those guys who saw the movie (you know, The Movie; you know the one I mean) a dozen times the summer it came out, this is kind of a dream come true. Viva la Geek! Plus, there are some interesting open spaces in the continuity from that period, which give me a lot of room to work.

Isn’t that what the comics are doing? Oh well: I won’t even pretend to be an expert on that time period. (Some have speculated that this could be related to the still-rumored KOTOR MMO, but aren’t direct game tie-ins handled by separate contracts?)

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  1. Thanks for the link, guys. :-) Just to let you know, too, that I will have an interview with Karen Traviss soon, too, but we’ll be concentrating on her Wess’Har Wars series first – gonna have to wait for Star Wars-related stuff. :-) Thanks again.

  2. while the comics are covering the time period leading up to the KotoR games, they are mostly staying away from some of the main jedi characters from those games (Revan and Malak), and focusing more on Zayne Carrick. so having novels that lead into KotoR is not that farfetched. of course, he could mean the KotoR era (/Tales of the Jedi era) in general…

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