Video: The return of Spaceballs… Tonight?

(Warning: Trailer a bit NSFW.) Wow. Clearly there’s a very good reason I’ve managed to miss hearing about this for a while… It kinda looks like crap. Sorry, but if I want not-for-kids juvenile humor, I’ll go with The Venture Brothers reruns… At least they’re mildly less breast-obsessed. (via)

4 Replies to “Video: The return of Spaceballs… Tonight?”

  1. Wow, that made Clone Wars look like Citizen Kane.

    I loved Spaceballs the movie but I don’t think I’ll try this. Why not rename it SpaceBoobs since that was all I got out of the promo. It’s about boobies! And more boobies! And what boobies can do! Gah!

    Thanks for destroying another favorite of mine, G4!!! (The Screen Savers was an awesome geeky show back in the Tech TV days.)

  2. There were some “leaked” episodes on YouTube… if they’re legit, it’s worse than you think.

    Why can’t Mel Brooks do anything original these days, instead of cheapening his older works? Nathan Lane isn’t Zero Mostel, dammit!


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