Disney putting Star Wars in the vault

The Disney Vault

The cancellation of The Clone Wars was not an isolated incident, it seems.

We’re hearing word that Disney is ceasing the release of all new Star Wars products and merchandise until such time as Episode VII is released.

Star Wars and the fandom has proved to be a bit more of a handful than Disney was expecting,” our source says. “They knew you guys would be difficult but the reality was a complete shock to the company. Their own fandom is, for the most part, far more accepting and docile. Disney isn’t really used to their decisions being greeted with such outright hatred and protest…”

“They’re going to shut everything down and clear the market for a while while they reaccess the situation. The sequel trilogy is still happening, but it may be delayed as late as 2019, depending on various factors.”

Anything that’s not already deep into the production pipeline – aka actually sitting in a warehouse somewhere – will simply not be coming out. Disney expects the last products to drop early this summer, after which nothing new will be produced until we approach the release of Episode VII… Whenever that ends up being.

Disney has long used their ‘vault’ in the service of making animated releases scarce. This is, to our knowledge, the first time an entire franchise has been placed on hold.

We are, however, hearing that no further layoffs are taking place at Lucasfilm itself, although curiously a series of giant thorn bushes had grown up around such company outposts as the Letterman Digital Arts Center and Skywalker Ranch…

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28 Replies to “Disney putting Star Wars in the vault”

  1. That’s actually good news, isn’t it? It gives us time to reflect on our franchise, it gives J.J. time to really plan out the entire sequel trilogy (something George unfortunately never seems to have done with the prequels), and it gives Disney time to wow us when Star Wars finally returns.
    I just don’t get why they had to fool us up until the start of April before they made this decision… Very strange…

  2. Ah, just another blatant move by Disney to prove that they are taking over the world, franchise by franchise. Do they actually think that we will stand for this. NO!

  3. I think we should hold a protest. We could use lighted lanterns like in Tangled to show them how many people care

  4. Wait–does that mean no new Star Wars books? Does this mean the Sword of the Jedi trilogy won’t cone out? I’m horrified and really pissed off now…

  5. I am sooooo glad to hear this! Time for SW to go away so we can all enjoy our EU as it is, never changing.

    Note to self: acquire giant thorn bushes for…reasons.

  6. Good, we all know they were using Star Wars products to secretly to mind control fansites. Now you’re free to tell us how much you’ve actually loved The Jedi Prince all along.

  7. People, its April’s fools today! Don’t take this seriously.
    Anyway, nice one. The worst is that it isn’t even that far fetched. I guess it’s why some people are falling for it.

  8. The problem with this April Fools joke is that, not only is it plausible, it is probable. I fully expect this headline to appear for real one day. Thank god for the never think things through mindset of the fanboys, otherwise this joke would have been an epic fail.

  9. Very, very good! You had me going there for a second, and until I thought of the books…I was weirdly okay with it.

  10. Does this mean the Boba Fett pinball thing just announced today is off too? I thought that looked super cool…


  11. I know it’s an April Fool’s Joke, but with the state of SW merchandising I wouldn’t be surprised if it were true. Look at the Hasbro line. Absolutely nothing of interest there, except for the Vintage Slave I later this year and the Mara Jade figure.

  12. I’m hoping I was “April fooled” because my first feeling was sadness/fear for Star Wars….fear which leads to anger and hate…which eventually leads to suffering!!

  13. When you think about it, it is already happening. Clone Wars cancelled. Detours, 3D prequels, 1313 postponed… all Star Wars projects are either protponed or indefinitely on-hold. When reality catches-up with April fools…

  14. Okay, I see what happened. The pinball game is real, yes. I didn’t know about the April Fools joke that they were adapting the Pinball game into a novel. So the novel is fake, obviously. But the game is very real.

    On iOS devices it can be purchased via Zen Pinball for $2 (there are also tables for The Empire Strikes Back and The Clone Wars for the same price).

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