Dark Horse adapting original Star Wars concept

I expect we’ll hear more soon, but Bleeding Cool reports live from WonderCon that Dark Horse will be publishing The Star Wars, an eight-issue series based on George Lucas’ original concept for the films. It’ll be written by Jonathan Rinzler with art by Mike Mayhew.

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  1. This does sound really cool. But is this the big news that they were hinting at?

  2. Brilliant idea. I’m starting to enjoy Dark Horses entries into the EU more than any other licensee. They’re much more likely to do something original or offbeat like this.

  3. Not terribly excited by this new title – there’s a reason that the finished product that we know and love is different from the first draft material. It’s first draft.

    Now, J.W. Rinzler definitely has the knowledge of the source material, and has shown his ability at storytelling, so I’m sure it will come out well. But it still feels more like an odd novelty since it won’t fit into the story that we’ve grown up on for the past 35 years.

  4. I’m on the fence. On the one hand, as noted above, rough draft. On the other hand, it would be interesting to see what Rinzler and co. do with those early story elements.

  5. Okay, so do we also get to see the one and only sex scene in the history of Star Wars screenwriting? ;-)

    “The cute aide goes back to her duties, flirting with Annikin as she passes. The young warrior pinches her on the ass, which startles her, but she goes on like nothing happened.
    Starkiller stumbles out of an enclosed computer closet, fastening his pants and tucking in his tunic. A moment later, the cute female aide rather sheepishly exits the computer closet. She is also in the process of putting her uniform back together. Starkiller rushes up to the general and snaps to attention.”

    Yes, that’s The Star Wars alright… :-D

  6. Yes, that one. ;-) Though it’s not so much a “sex scene” as a snog-in-a-locker scene.

    A major reason why the Rough Draft was never filmed was simply that it was too big – in scope, in scale, and in length. You could probably make a whole season of big-budget TV out of it…..

    A comic adaptation ought to be a great way to present the material. I’m actually excited about this!

  7. I think the greatest strength in this is that it will be visual. From time to time, I like to read the early drafts of Star Wars. I essentially see this as a visual guide to it in a way. The only thing that would have made it better is if it were done by artists Rinzler worked with on Visionaries.

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