April Fools: Your Star Wars roundup

Sleeping Beauty, yo.

No, Disney isn’t putting Star Wars in the vault, or pulling a Sleeping Beauty on Lucasfilm. Big thanks to everyone who played along (as is our tradition) and for those of you who fell for it… Better luck next year?

The screen-oriented
takeiThe first Star Wars prank of the day was pulled by none other than George Takei himself, who announced on Facebook that he’d be playing “Master Ceti Maru” in Star Wars Episode VII: Galactic Empire. Later on, Tor.com reported statements from Michael Arndt revealing that the film would “contradict the continuity and events of all the existing Star Wars films.”

Meanwhile, Tosche Station asked a newbie what she’s like to see in EpVII, Big Shiny Robot cast Doctor Who’s Karen Gillan, The Bearded Trio ‘confirmed’ that Michael Bay would direct a spinoff film and Fangirl had look at some of The Clone Wars bonus content.

The 501st Legion approved some startling new costuming regulations, while Wookieepedia rebranded themselves as Memory Aurek, a “Star Wars/Trek encyclopedia.”

Books and merchandise
Del Rey announced the video game tie-in Pinball: Boba Fett by John Jackson Miller, while ThinkGeek included a Death Star Trench Toss among their arsenal.

Roqoo Depot went for numbers, ‘announcing’ the return of Karen Traviss, a new Denning book and a Doctor Who/Star Wars crossover comic, among others.

This is certainly not everything, so what was your favorite prank this year?

3 Replies to “April Fools: Your Star Wars roundup”

  1. My favorite was probably the 1st one I read this morning – William Shatner in Ep 7.

  2. The Jedi Assembly became The Quark Assembly for one day, and their infamous “oogling Ewan McGregor” thread became “ogling Richard Benjamin”

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