Daisy Ridley: “Obviously I wasn’t” Han Solo’s daughter


My apologies to those still clinging to the Rey Solo theories: I think Daisy Ridley just scuttled you, telling Entertainment Tonight that the parentage issue – or rather, the lack thereof – was the hardest secret to keep for The Force Awakens. Of course, knowing this fandom, the theories are just going to get even more elaborate… Here’s the video:

She also talked about the difference between J.J. Abrams and Rian Johnson when it comes to secrecy, and yes, there’s stuff in this you can use, theorists. Have at it.

Rey Skywalker theorists, please be gracious. Your case may be pretty good, but nothing is set is stone just yet.

2 Replies to “Daisy Ridley: “Obviously I wasn’t” Han Solo’s daughter”

  1. I’m not 100% sold on the Skywalker theory (it makes sense in many ways, but “no one” also makes sense) but I never bought the Solo thing because 1. that means Maz’s statement about her family not coming back makes NO sense and 2. it would mean Han and Leia are kind of being jerks and would need a REALLY GOOD REASON for having not mentioned it the entire movie.

    1. Yeah, I’m not sold on it, either. I think a lot of the foreshadowing the Rey Skywalker folks lean on could point to her becoming Luke’s adoptive daughter just as much as they could that she’s a bio kid.

      As for Rey Solo, yeah, the movie itself pretty much killed that. But you can also give Han and Leia (or Luke) a pass if you entertain the whole theory that they assumed she died when the Jedi thing went down, and that Ben/Kylo is the one that dumped her on Jakku. (It does seem like the kind of thing a panicked teenager would do.) Of course, I think Pablo denied that those two events intersect, but… We’ll see.

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