Catching up with Rogue One: Disney shareholders get a quick look


A /Film reader was a Disney’s shareholder meeting this morning and reports that there was a quick look at Rogue One show in a sizzle reel, along with some other upcoming Disney films. It “had a classic Star Wars” look and feel, he said. Head over to /Film for the (brief) details.

→ Some cast and crew gear spotted on eBay may reveal a logo from the film. It’ll look pretty familiar if you’ve been paying any attention at all to the era.

→ io9’s Rob Bricken on why Rogue One is just as important to the franchise as Episode VII.

→ There are a few trailers in play, Jordan Maison says on Twitter. “Sounds like they’re figuring out the “tone” they want to show first.”

→ Spoiler corner: Details on the new droid from Making Star Wars, who also pitches in some stuff on the footage from above.