Adventures in collecting

IMAGE: Custom 1/6 Mara Jade by vintage_scum @ ebay

From the realm of custom work, this 1/6th Mara Jade figure on eBay is certainly a step up from Barbie. And while the face may not look much like any of the half-dozen Mara variations floating around, at least the hair color is close. (And the fact that she has sleeves pleases my inner fangirl.)

Those with less EU-based collecting tastes may want to take this discerning gentlebeing up on their offer: an Ewok Village playset in exchange for a 12-pack of beer.

And for the fan who has everything: Lightsaber lighting. Oh Lucasfilm, what won’t you authorize?

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  1. I really like that Mara. The outfit is quite impressive!

    And I totally want a lightsaber lamp for my home theater!!

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