The fandom minute is not celebrating an Ewokiversary

eat or be eatenBitchin’ Endor. You’re sure to get a kick out of today’s most famous Star Wars eBay listing, i hate this stupid ewok. On that note, this is apparently the 25th anniversary of the debut of the first Ewok movie, Caravan of Courage. I’m sure everyone was all waiting breathlessly for that one back in the day.

Celeb fans. Bonnie talks Star Wars (and The Guild and Dr. Horrible and such) with geek of note Felicia Day.

Contests. Hasbro has picked the winner of their diorama contest.

Charity. The Seattle Area Lucasfilm Artifact Collectors Club, aka SARLACC, are selling a collectible lapel pin to raise money for cancer research.

What. Device to subdue rampaging elephants inspired by Empire Strikes Back? Sure, why not.

Star Wars fans and personalities unite to help victims of Australian bushfires

The bushfires that raged in the Australian state of Victoria earlier this year killed more than 200 and left over 7000 homeless. The fires may be snuffed, but the victims are still hurting, and Star Wars fans have banded together to help them.

Though there are plenty of items up on Ebay now, including signed photographs from David Prowse, Kenny Baker, Jeremy Bulloch and Bonnie Piesse. But of particularly of interest to EU fans is a chance to get a namesake (tuckerized) character in the fifth Clone Wars novel by Karen Miller or a yet-unannounced Star Wars book (!) from Sean Williams. And Kevin J. Anderson and Rebecca Moesta are offering an original manuscript from one of the Young Jedi Knights novels.

Star Wars fan speeds for eBay

Don't let this be you!State patrol troopers in the Seattle area pulled over a man who claimed he was speeding (110 mph!) in order to get home in time to place a bid on an eBay item. The cherry on this fail sundae? His car was full of Star Wars merchandise.

Seattle Post-Intelligencer reporter Casey McNerthney then goes on to make the obligatory living-in-his-parent’s basement jokes, but I can’t say I blame him in this case. Is anything on eBay really worth jail time? Really?

The lesson here, geeklings: Don’t bid and drive. Or at least clean out your car before you do, lest you get publicly mocked on the internet.

Adventures in collecting

IMAGE: Custom 1/6 Mara Jade by vintage_scum @ ebay

From the realm of custom work, this 1/6th Mara Jade figure on eBay is certainly a step up from Barbie. And while the face may not look much like any of the half-dozen Mara variations floating around, at least the hair color is close. (And the fact that she has sleeves pleases my inner fangirl.)

Those with less EU-based collecting tastes may want to take this discerning gentlebeing up on their offer: an Ewok Village playset in exchange for a 12-pack of beer.

And for the fan who has everything: Lightsaber lighting. Oh Lucasfilm, what won’t you authorize?